Suggestions from the Industry and Trade Associations for Budget 2020-21 regarding changes in direct and indirect taxes.

Dear Members,

The Ministry of Finance has begun the process of preparing Central Budget for FY 2020-21. The communication from the Ministry can be seen by clicking here…

This is an opportunity for us to put forward our suggestions for additions & deletions in the ensuing Budget.

Last date for sending a suggestion is  21/11/19, therefore we have to speed up and send suggestions to this Association by tomorrow evening or to the Ministry of Finance before said date i.e. 21st November 2019.

Suggestions can be on increasing, decreasing, exempting or modifying the tax ambit.

SIA thinks that our proposals should not only benefit to industry but also to increase revenue to the government, employment generation, ease of business and most important is the generation  of surplus.

This an opportunity.

Atul. R. Shah