Preparation for a visit of Hon’able Home Minister.

Dear Members,

We are pleased to share that Shri Amit Shah, Hon’ble Home Minister of India, is visiting our UT during the first week of Sept 2019. The exact date of his visit has yet not been announced, but in all likelihood, it will be 1st Sept.

Like last two VVIP visits (Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble the then Home Minister), a warm welcome will be extended to Hon’ble visiting Guest.

Agenda of his visit is to join the Praveshotsav in a newly established medical college of the UT, Akshat Kitchen and some other developmental projects. He will also lay foundation stones of various other developmental projects. The main function will be at the ground in front of SSR College, Sayli.

In a preparatory meeting on 20th Aug 2019 in Town Hall for this VVIP visit, Hon’ble Administrator, of DD and DNH, Shri Prafullbhai Patel, appreciated industries’ cooperation, especially in CSR activities. He lauded the role of industries in the last two VIP visits. He appealed industries to come forward in a similar way and scale to welcome Shri Amitbhai Shah also.

Not necessary here for FIA, to underline, as what is to be done by each of us, but still for sake clarity, some of the roles are described below:

  1. Enabling Workers/staff to attend main function : It is expected that 40k people from industries will participate in the main function. Hence, industries must plan now and intimate FIA and respective Association as how many workers / staff will be joining from their individual units.
  2. Transportation : Like last visits, our workers / staff buses may be taken by Administration to transport rural population. Thus Industries must plan alternative means of transport for the use on the day of visit for plant operations as well as transporting workers / staff to join the main function. Permissible routs and designated parking places have yet not been announced. FIA is in touch with Administration. We let it known to members as soon as we learn about it.
  3. Convenience of Workers / Staff : Industries will have to ensure that workers / staff joining the main function are equipped with water bottles and snacks, unless declared prohibited by security agencies at venue. Their reporting time at venue has yet not been announced. FIA will update as soon as it is made known.
  4. Banners, hoardings and welcome gates : It is expected that each industries will put flex banners at their all entrance gates in appropriate size, welcoming the distinguished guest in UT. Industries will also put hoardings and welcome gates at prominent places in the Town, like all entrances to the UT, all bridges (Piparia, Ras Resorts, Rakholi bridge; all prominent squares like Chaar Rasta, Ring Road crossings, Surbhi Hotel; Near Sachivalay, Collectorate; prominent markets like Kilwani Naka, Naroli Road, Panchayat Market, Bus Stand, Tokarkhada, Landmark prominent villages like Naroli, Dadra, Masat, Sayli, Khanvel, Dapada, Athal etc. Way from Helipad to venue will be full of welcome banners and hoardings and gates. Roads leading to venue from both side, from Silvassa as well as from Sayli side will also flooded with banners, hoardings, and welcome gates.
    FIA, like last visits, negotiating with prominent, reputed, and reliable banner / hoarding . welcome gate makers of the Town for better pricing. FIA will soon publish rates agreed with them. Industries can approach them directly and ensure that banners are prepared and erected at least two days ahead of day of visit.
    Industries must also communicate to FIA, the number of flex banners / hoardings / welcome gates they are going to put in and places of their choice. FIA will soon designate a person to coordinate on its behalf.

FIA is sure industries would spare no efforts to demonstrate that we love our Hon’ble Home Minister and welcome him on the soil of our lovely tiny UT.

Please feel free to have any further information or details from Dr R B Shelke, 97250235, Mr. Ajit Deshpande, 9898595781 Mr. P K Jadia, Executive Secretary, 9687625260.

Industries can also contact any of Following staff of the Associations :

  1. Ms. Khushboo, SIA , 7046012000
  2. Sumaiya, DNH IA, 82385512960
  3. Mrs. Chhaya, SIMA, 93271026234

Sanjeev Kapoor

The event is finished.


Sep 01 2019


SSR College of Arts, Science and Commerce
Sayli Road, Silvassa, DNH – 396230