Dear Members,

Hon’ble District Magistrate DNH Silvassa in exercise of powers conferred under sec. 144 of Cr. Procedure Code 1973 has directed all contractors & Industrial establishment to keep details of identify proof of workers and also issue them ID cards of respective establishment. The order is effective from 5th June 2019 and will remain valid till 3rd August 2019. 

Members are aware that Administration has been issuing such notices to prevent any terrorist or anti-social elements get injected in industries.

The main contention of the Administration that when a person goes to a hotel wants accommodation for a few hours, he needs to establish his identity, than how a worker / employee can work in industrial establishments whether for a day or for any longer period without establishing his identity. Now Adhar cards are very common. Thus members must demand Adhar cards before one is entered in their premises. Its non-compliance is punishable criminal offence.

Apart from this Circular, Model standing Orders, 2005 (click here for a copy) framed by DNH Administration also provide for issuance of identity cards. These orders are mandatory for every industrial establishments employing 20 or more workmen. 

Outgoing Collector was very much particular on issuance of identity cards and he used to ask every worker, staff or manager who were visiting him about their identity cards. 

For resolving any doubt or difficulties on this matter, please feel free to contact the Association.       

Atul Shah