Date: 08.04.21

Dear Members,

Association wish to update you on following:

  1. Communications from Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers

Some of the industries have received three communications from the Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Daman on requiring:

  1. Safety Audit inspection by National Secondary Steel Technology (NSST) every six months. It applies to only steel industry.
  2. (i) Safety report of dangerous operations /

(ii) Testing certificates of lifts / hoists / lifting tools and tackles / compressors /

(iii) Copies on-site emergency plans,

(iv) Construction permission /

(v) Details of provisions health, safety, welfare (canteen, lunch room, ambulance, appointment of doctors nurses, fire fighting equipment, accident details, hazardous substances and process details,

(vi) A declaration by occupier on compliance of overtime, weekly off, leave provisions

  1. Third party inspection of Boilers.

These three communications have been up-loaded on SIA website and can be seen by visiting this site.

Communications referred above have not been sent to every industry, but all must take cognizance of it to make the stringent compliance in the interest of everyone.

  1. Ambedkar Jayanti Circular

Government of India, Ministry Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions have issued a circular dated 31.03.21 to observe the 14th April 21 as holiday by all government office, undertakings and industrial establishments. A copy of the circular can be seen by visiting this site.

This circular has been issued under sec 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. Needless to mention here that said section provides that if there is a public holiday and government specifies under said section, any negotiable instrument like cheque, DD, promissory notes etc., expires on the day of specified holiday,will remain valid till next working day of holiday.

Festival holidays are part of service conditions, which are governed by the Indysrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946.There Associations feels that members should take their own calls based on model standing orders applicable to them.

However, to pay the respect to Dr. Ambedkar, Office of the SIA shall remain closed.

  1. Covid :Vaccination + Precautionary Measures

Second wave of pandemic is on surge. While writing this mail, 127 were detected cases of corona positive cases, and 13 were containment zones in the UT. Night curfew has been enlarged to 08:00 PM to 06:00 AM. Entries from other states has yet not been restricted.

Industries must have to take abundant precautions. Local Administration has constituted teams to visit the industrial establishments. These teams will mainly see the compliance of following:

  1. Sanitizers at Entry Points
  2. Reasonable Quantity of face masks and Sanitizers
  • System of Monitoring Temperatures of employees, visitors and contract workers
  1. Sanitization of Machineries especially at all touch points
  2. Disinfection of periphery
  3. Single entry points

SIA has suggested maintenance of following records for hassle free visits of these teams:

  1. Maintain the list of points where hand sanitizers have been kept
  2. Records of awareness sessions with photo by ensuring that participants are wearing masks and standing with social distance of 1.5 yard
  • Distribution records of face masks
  1. Log-book of sanitization of Machineries especially at all touch points
  2. Log-book of disinfection of periphery

It is also suggested that on our own, we must request visitors coming from other states to carry a negative RTPCR test report for the test done in last 72 hours.


Vaccination is going on with full swing. Industries must play their role. Success of vaccination will help industries immediately and in future. We have to combat the pandemic.

Many industries have organized internal vaccination camps with the help of Medical and Health Department. If any member has 50 or above eligible persons who can be vaccinated, and wish to organize camp should contact nearest Primary Health Centre.

This Association can also be contacted for any support in this regard.

  1. Penalty for delay in applying for bore well Registration

Some members have received notices for delayed registration of bore well in their premises. The penalty amount is hefty.

On the initiative of this Association, Federation of Industries Associations, Silvassa has appealed the Regional Authority, Nagpur not to impose the penalty.

Letter written can be seen by visiting this site.

  1. VAT Assessment for 2016-17:

VAT Assessment for the year 16-17 is in progress for many industries. Some members found that because of pandemic in the year 20-21 the process of collection of Form C was hampered. Since it attracts heavy interest and penalty, on the initiative of this Association, Federation of Industries Associations has written a letter dated 05.04.21 to the Joint Commissioner, VAT, Silvassa not to impose interest and penalty and provide a year’s time to comply. Copy of the letter can be seen at this site.

  1. IEC (Foreign Trade)

Government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industries have issued a Notification No. 58 / 2015-20 dated 28.02.21 amending Importer – Exporter Code related provisions under Chapter 1 and 2 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20.

All IEC holders are now required to update and validate their IEC Details, even if there is no change, from April to June once every year through Online system.

The said Notification can be seen at SIA website by visiting this site.

  1. Renewal of SIA Membership for the year 21-22

Performa Invoices for renewal of membership have been issued to all members. If anyone has not received, please contact the Secretariate of the Association at 9687625260 immediately.

Our 50 members have already remitted their yearly membership fees. If you have not, please do it right now.

Please remember that this Association is nothing but a ‘help to help themselves’ for the industries.


K T Parmar