Minutes of the Meeting of Executive Committee held on 04.11.2019

Dear Members,

Members PresentShri. Sanjeev Kapoor, Shri. Rambilas Bidada, Shri. Rakesh Singh, Shri Atul R. Shah, R. S. Surana, Shri. Vishwas Gajarmal, Shri. P.S.Rajput, Shri. Mahesh Lakhani, Shri. Manish Agarwal, Shri. Ravi Pandey
Absence with LeaveShri. Satya Singh, Shri. K. T. Parmar, Shri. Arvind Shah, Shri. Pradeep Arya, Shri. K. J. Mody, Shri. Ajit Despande, Shri. Opendra Singh
Member AbsentShri. Pankaj Maheshwari, Shri. Pravesh Bhuchar, Shri. Ashok Goel, , Shri. Nagendra Singh, Shri. R. P. Sinha(Shri. Prashant), Shri. Surendra Jiwrajika,

The following business transpired in the meeting:

1. Quorum

  • 4.30 pm : Out of 21 Executive Committee Members, only 5 members were present which was short of the quorum. Therefore, meeting was adjoined for want of quorum with the decision of call it again after 30 min.
  • 5.00 pm : Two more members joined and now Quorum is complete.

2. Creation of Post of Joint. Secretary and Standing Committee

Committee felt a need of a Jt. Secretary and also a Standing Committee. The members had detailed discussions and decided to approve the post of Joint Secretary and formation of 5 Members’ Standing Committee.

It was also agreed Standing Committee will have immediate Past President, Current President, Secretary as ex-officio members. Two other members will be taken from other NEC members. The immediate Past President will be Chairman of the Committee.

The main function of the Committee will be to take decisions on day to day matters. It’s all decision will be presented before the Executive Committee for ratification.

3. Election of Office Bearers

The Present Members elected following as Office Bearers for the year 2019 – 2020 by voting by raising the hands. The members, who have been elected but were not present, gave their telephonic consents:

Office Bearer :

Sr. No,PositionName of Persons
1PresidentSh. Atul R Shah
2Vice PresidentsSh. Mahesh Lakhwani
Sh. Rambilas Bilada
Sh. Rakesh Singh
Sh. R. S. Surana
Sh. Satya Singh
3SecretarySh. K. T. Parmar
4Jt. SecretarySh. P. S. Rajput
5TreasurerSh. Vishwas Gajarmal

It was agreed to have Standing Committee for the year 2019 – 2020 as under:

Standing Order :

1ChairmanChairman – Sh. Sanjeev Kapoor
2MembersPresident – Sh. Atul R Shah
Secretary – Sh. K T Parmar
Nominee – Sh. Mahesh Lakhwani
Nominee – Sh. Kaushik Mody

4. Change in Cheque Signatories.

It was also resolved that Name of Sanjeev Kapoor, outgoing President will be removed from the authorized signatories for banking transactions in the Dena Bank A/c No. 042111000006

Name of Shri K. T. Parmar will be added in the list of authorized members to sign the Banking instruments on behalf of Association. It is further resolved that now any two of the following three Office Bearers to sign cheques and other Banking Instruments:

  • Shri. Atul R. Shah
  • Shri. K. T. Parmar
  • Shri. VishwasGajarmal

5. Communication.

Executive Secretary was directed to inform Dena Bank. He should also inform the result of elections office bearers to all Government Departments, Members and Public in General.

Meeting was chaired by Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor, outgoing President.
Meeting ended with Thanks to Chair.

Minutes prepared by
P K Jadia
Executive Secretary

Minutes approved by 
Atul R Shah