Practical Difficulties in GST Documentation after merger of DNH with DD

Dear Members,

We all aware about practical difficulties in interacting with GST website. On one hand, local Administration had suggested to use IGST for eway bills and use CGST and UTGST for invoicing; whereas, on other hand GSTIN could not make changes in the website. This will now result in problems, when dealers will file GSTR tomorrow (10.02.20). Issues related credit will come-up. Right now, problems will be only for transitions done during the period from 26.01.20 to 31.01.20, but next month it will be severe. Thus, it needs to be addressed.

Understanding the gravity, DNH and DD Administration sent a team consisting officers of both erstwhile UTs and a representative from Industries. Federation deputed CA Mr. Gagan Chaturvedi. Team returned back yesterday.

Mr. Chaturvedi has presented his report to Federation. Copy of said report can be seen by clicking here.

According to this report, changes in GST website cannot be expected in very soon. In case of Laddakh, a recently created UT, it took about three months. Their advice was to continue with existing system for both, invoicing and e-way bills for next three months.

SIA feels that in DNH and DD also Administration should have allowed continuance of invoicing with existing state codes. Changes in state codes in invoicing and eway should have been allowed with uniformity.

Anyway, we are now seeking time to meet the GST Commissioner soon to sort-out the matter to ensure business without difficulty and to plug any unnecessary financial risks.

K.T. Parmar