Putting Plastic Waste to Use

Putting Plastic Waste to Use

Dear Members,

Talk of eliminating plastic waste is in full swing. Various views and various allegations are making plastic as a villain to the earth. However, it is forgotten that any item which can be recycled is a boon to Mother Nature, because, it preserves valuable natural resources.

The real issue which has been lost the sight is the management of plastic waste. We, at SIA supports the initiative of the ban on single-use plastic, but feels that with proper waste management, a day will come again when this waste would be put to use.

An article written by Anonna Dutt in the Hindustan Times 11.10.19 is uploaded here, can be seen by clicking the download button below. It highlights, as how plastic waste can be put to use. The thoughts in the article are of the author only. We are uploading it with thanks to the author and Hindustan Times.

Atul. R. Shah