Dear Members,

Central GST Commissionerate Daman has issued following trade notices for tax payers:

Trade Notice no. 3 of 2019 

This notice is on the integration of ACES – GST functionalities. It explains step by step login procedure & registration of tax payers of the Central Axis & service tax. in the integrated CBIC – GST Tax payer Portal. The integrated portal would be Procedure for existing and new tax payers’ login have been explained in the trade notice.

Members are requested to go through the Trade Notice carefully for ease at compliance.

For any difficulties, matter can be reported to Commissionerate, Daman

Trade Notice no. 3 can be seen by clicking here.

Trade Notice no.4 of 2019

In order prevent GST collection by the composition taxable persons, the Commissionerate has advised such persons to print “COMPOSITION TAXABLE PERSON, NOT ELIGIBLE TO COLLECT TAX ON SUPPLIES” in capital and bold letters and each and every bill of supply they issue and should also mention COMPOSITE AND TAXABLE PERSON in bold & capital letters on every notice or sign board displayed at their every place of business.

Trade Notice no.4 can be seen by clicking here .

Atul Shah